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Born to a working class family in Detroit Michigan, I was taught that dedication and team work got the job done. I started acting in high school and after graduation continued in community and university theater companies often receiving glowing reviews from local drama critics.  

After moving to New York City I soon found regular work as a background actor in films, and after a while started landing speaking roles on the TV soap operas ONE LIFE TO LIVE and GUIDING LIGHT.   I have also done TV commercials for Denny’s Restaurant, Ford Motor Co., and Bloc Drugs. I have performed roles in several independent films and appeared on HBO’s hit TV drama THE SOPRANOS.

A character actor who is dedicated to the art, I have appeared in many theater productions and  been nominated twice for Best Actor in a leading role by the  AUDELCO Committee in New York City.  Whether it’s on a film set or a stage, I love the collaborative effort that makes the art of acting so special, and I live by the creed: “There are no small roles only small actors”.  

One day after after a performance of THE PIANO LESSON a friend called to thank me for saving his marriage.  He said that he and his wife

had such a good time laughing and crying during August Wilson's play that when they returned home they had a long 'talk' and decided to stay together.  Another time , after a performance of TWELVE ANGRY MEN an audience member thanked us for reminding him of the difference an individual can make in society and restoring his faith in our political system.  Theater and film have the capacity to touch us in myriad ways often bringing us closer together making us feel less alone.

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