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"Jim Bono, given an earthy and reassuring performance by Ralph McCain"    Rutland Herald Online



"Ralph McCain is superb as WINNING BOY..."  Mark Burger, Winston Salem Journal



"The casting of Ralph McCain as Elijah Muhammad was, well what can I say-GENIUS!  I can't depict a better more eloquent, handsome, tall and sophisticated actor than this man. And he delivered the goods..."  Community and Regional

Theatres Onlline



"Ralph McCain plays the character GARY with full emotional commitment, which makes us feel for his plight..."  nytheatre,com-Fringe NYC Review Archive

"McCain never fails to convince as a great man under duress in the face of constant change.."  Eric Coleman, The New York Beacon

"There was solid professional work from Ralph McCain..."  David Sheward, Backstage

"Ralph McCain struts some good stuff..." Marilyn Stasio, New York Post

"McCain projects exhausted wisdom as a dying jazz saxophonist..."  The Detroit News

"Ralph McCain is most convincing and a joy to watch"  Charlie Hanna, The Detroit News

"Ralph McCain's Smitty went from shy reserve to perverted arrogance with power and skill"  Jay Carr, The Detroit News

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